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Dunlop’s Sportmax Slicks are the Official Tires of the MotoAmerica Series and offer the ultimate in-track performance for club racers and professionals alike. Replacing the popular KR Series, the Sportmax Slicks offer new profiles, compounds, and construction to make them the most advanced road racing tire Dunlop has ever produced. Riders will instantly feel a greater level of confidence. Expanded sizing is now available in 17″, 12″, and 10″ sizes which use Dunlop’s proprietary compounds and manufacturing techniques such as N-TEC and JLB technologies.

  • Official Tire of MotoAmerica.
  • Sportmax Slicks have updated profiles for a larger contact patch, new compounds, and new sizes.
  • Sportmax Slicks have revised compounds and naming structures to be more intuitive: R0 (softest) to R8 (most durable). The low numbers for easier or hotter tracks and the higher numbers for more abrasive or cold tracks.
  • NTEC: N-TEC combines the benefits of compliant cut-breaker construction with stiffer, continuously wound aramid-fiber, and Jointless Band (JLB) construction for maximum feel and stability.
  • JLB: Jointless Band construction for maximum feel and stability when leaned over for more support when on the gas.
  • Multiple compounds to meet the demanding requirements for all road racing courses and conditions.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Compound:
    DUNLOP SPORTMAX SLICK 180/65R17 Sale price$299.50