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The Ohvale GP-0, and new GP-2, were created by racing bike expert Valerio Da Lio and they are both truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t be fooled by the size—these motorcycles offer the adrenaline-filled racing style that professionals enjoy at an affordable price and easy-to-transport design. It’s perfect for young riders to train and make their way into the world of youth road bike racing, or for adult riders to have a great time.

Every aspect of the Italian-made supersport motorcycle was carefully designed and constructed to provide an exhilarating biking experience on a smaller scale for easier handling. It features purposeful, accessible, and playful ergonomics, engineered with help from industry expert Mariano Fioravanzo. This world-famous bike, which allows for great lean angles and confidence during all phases of following a curve, comes with a guarantee for design excellence.



4-stroke, 2 or 4 valves, automatic or 4-speed versions are available with electric (110 Auto only) or kick start, from 8hp to 25hp. Each bike has a stainless steel and titanium Arrow exhaust system with variable-diameter tubing. Even though lots of attention was dedicated to maximum performance, exhaust noise level is contained within the 92 dB limit, the maximum allowed at certain tracks. They are sealed and controlled by the company before delivery, so customers can take part in the one-make Ohvale championships.

frame & swingarm

Aluminum ALLOY

Mariano Fioravanzo states, “We started studying the centroids, sprocket position, chain pull, trail and steering offset, in order to arrive at the optimum weight distribution, judged on modern sportsbikes to be 53% at front and 47% at the rear”. The rear swingarm is made of aluminum alloy with variable section arms and extruded parts welded together at the ends.

Design & Bodywork


The seat/tank is in one piece to assure maximum strength, while petrol is contained in a 3.5l undertank. The main bodywork is divided into front, lateral and bottom fairings to limit damage if a fall occurs. The riding position, with adjustable rearsets and levers, is designed to ensure true sportbike ergonomics and optimal control to drivers of any size. To limit damages during a crash, the bike outfits teflon pads on the handlebar and footpeg ends.