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The SR-GP is a racing helmet that raises the bar of high performance, taking known standards to new levels The design, a synthesis of a deep and integrated study aimed at achieving ultimate performance, was done with crucial contribution of top level MotoGP and Road Racing riders, since the concept phases. The amazing aerodynamics (Cx 0,39), optimized in various riding positions (even when cornering), the astonishing vertical and peripheral field of view (92 deg and 210 deg), the extremely efficient ventilation, ergonomics aimed at not fatiguing the rider, an Optical Class 1 visor, with a variable thickness, a Pinlock 120 Max Vision anti fog system all make the SR-GP the new benchmark in the racing helmet world.

The shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a new composite that allows to obtain a lighter shell but at the same time harder and more protective. The new composite is a mixture of carbon with different weight/ breaking loads linked up with aramid resins that ensure a light shell but much more resistant to impacts To satisfy even the most exigent customers, SR-GP is produced in four different shells: S,M, L and XL.

It is during the hottest Grands Prix that the most is asked from the rider, requiring concentration and endurance. Being able to count on efficient ventilation makes all the difference. SR-GP sports five air intake ducts which work in conjunction with a neatly integrated channel system, guaranteeing excellent airflow inside the helmet. The hot air extraction is a marvel of aerodynamics: two submerged NACA intakes, working together with the rear spoiler create a Venturi effect over the exhaust ports, drawing out the hot air.