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The Tech-Air® Ready, GP Plus v4 Leather Suit is a complete revolution of the existing v3 model featuring an all-new construction including a blend of Flex Plus racing bovine leather, Alpinestars Composite Stretch Plus material, Matryx®, HRSF, and GP DFS sliders. The GP Plus v4 is the perfect choice for sport and track riders looking for an upper mid-level suit with the latest material innovations.

The GP Plus v4 features new Flex Plus race leather, specially tanned and refined in Italy, ultra-flexible Flex Plus race bovine leather that is highly adaptive to the body, supporting a 6% adaptability ratio which is 80% more than that offered by regular bovine leather. The Flex Plus leather with its high adaptability ratio ensures that the GP Plus v4 Leather Suit provides unrivalled comfort, feel, freedom of movement and precise fitment. Additionally, the Flex Plus race leather meets Alpinestars’ Professional racing standard in terms of abrasion and tear resistance, while being 10% lighter than standard bovine leather.

As for other construction features, the GP Plus v4 has HRSF stretch inserts in the crotch, back of legs, inner arms, and pectoral areas, and Matryx® material on the lower leg for weight savings and breathability. Perforation of the Flex Plus race leather is provided all throughout the upper chest, abdomen, and thighs. The suit also incorporates GP DFS shoulder, elbow, and knee sliders for protection, and Bioflex hip armor. Sporting soft stretch wrist and ankle cuffs, the suit also has and a detachable comfort liner with biostatic Polygiene® treatment to keep it feeling and smelling fresh.

The GP Plus v4 also incorporates Alpinestars Composite Stretch Plus, A-CS® Plus, material on the suit’s side torso and shoulder blades, offering lower weight, and increased flexibility and freedom of movement. With A-CS® Plus, the stretchability ratio provides 20% additional elongation, and the tear resistance is increased by 300% versus leather. Another benefit of using A-CS® Plus is that it offers high breathability with a lower weight and lower profile than leather accordion paneling.

The GP Plus v4 has lightweight and breathable perforated Flex Plus race leather on the suit’s torso for optimal ventilation, especially when the suit is worn with Tech-Air® Airbag Systems like the Tech-Air® 10 or Tech-Air® 5.

Providing the GP Plus v4’s impact protection, the suit has race-proven GP-R elbow, forearm, knee, and shin armor, as well as Nucleon Race shoulder armor incorporated in the suit, resulting in a AAA CE Rating. For the ultimate in rider protection, the GP Plus v4 is also fully Tech-Air® Ready for use with the Tech-Air® 5 or Tech-Air® 10 Airbag Systems and provides a convenient pocket on the forearm for the Tech-Air® 10’s remote LED panel.