Race Track Prep

Our team of track enthusiasts have been attending and organizing events on-track for decades, coming up with a simple but effective set of rules and regulations for you and your bike to follow when attending one of our events.

From bike prep, riding gear requirements, and registration procedures, to rider and spectator conduct requirements, the following pages will explain in detail what is expected so that you can arrive to the track confident and comfortable about your day. Sticking to these simple guidelines is what allows us to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone at our events, resulting in lots of time on track for every rider! It is the responsibility of each participant to be fully aware of the rules and guidelines that follow.

  • All entrants must attend the riders meeting, no exceptions. Riders who DO NOT attend the riders meeting will not be permitted to participate in the event.
  • All riders who are required to participate in the New Rider Orientation must attend a) secondary riders meeting b) their on-track coaching sessions. Riders who fail to complete either of these guidelines will forfeit their trackday.
  • All participants must check in with our registration personnel and sign all waivers to receive the appropriate wristband and registration/safety inspection sticker.
  • You may be asked to show personal Identification at Registration. Please bring photo I.D with you.
  • We ask that you inform our registration staff of any and all medical conditions that you have.
  • The supplied wristband must be worn at all times during the event to be allowed on track and hot pit lane. You may be asked to show the wristband at any time throughout the event.
  • The registration/safety inspection sticker must be adhered to the front fender or the middle of the front upper fairing only, prior to arriving at safety inspection.
  • All riders MUST affix a Medical Information Carrier on the rear left of their helmet. One carrier per rider will be supplied by Pro 6 Cycle. Additional carriers will be available for purchase.
  • All motorcycles MUST pass safety inspection prior to admission on the track. If your bike does not pass safety inspection, you will NOT receive a refund. It is your responsibility to ensure your motorcycle is suitable for a day of track riding before registering for the event
  • All motorcycles must pass sound inspection based on guidelines as put forth by the track. If your bike does not pass sound inspection, you will NOT receive a refund. Please check the website of the facility at which the event you are attending is being held for information regarding sound inspection.
  • In the event of a crash, you must pass safety inspection on the motorcycle before being allowed re-entry to the track.
  • All motorcycles MUST display the number chosen by the rider in their rider profile on the front and both sides of the rear of the motorcycle. The number must be easily seen and distinguishable from a distance (8” numbers are recommended). If your numbers are not identifiable and/or do not match that which you have selected within your profile you will not be permitted to enter the track.
  • All Riders must wear appropriate riding gear.
  • All gear must be free from tears, exposed seams, excessive wear, age or damage.
  • Leathers: Full one piece or two-piece (zip completely around) motorcycle leather suits only. NO Nylon or Kevlar only construction suits will be allowed.
  • Helmet: All riders must wear full-face helmets that are designed for motorcycle use which is free from damage. Snell 2010, or ECE-05 or newer helmet, in good condition and proper fit for the rider, is mandatory.
  • Back Protector: CE Level II or higher “hard shell” back protectors are mandatory. Foam or soft shell protectors, similar to those included in some suits, are not acceptable. Forcefield T-Pro back protectors and armour or equivalent are also acceptable.
  • Gloves: All riders must wear leather gauntlet style gloves that are in good condition with no ripped stitching or seams.
  • Boots: All riders must wear boots that extend above the ankle to approximately mid-calf.
  • The consumption of alcohol during the hours of trackday operation (7:30am-5pm) is strictly prohibited. This rule applies to both riding participants & their crew, family and friends. Anyone found to be consuming alcohol will be asked to leave the grounds.
  • The use of drugs will not be tolerated. Anyone found using drugs during our trackday will be reported to the Police.
  • Aggressive behaviour, physical or verbal confrontation will not be tolerated and anyone exhibiting such behaviour will be immediately removed from the event.
  • Any rider who either must switch bikes for mechanical reasons, or is just “trying a friend’s bike for the session” MUST inform Pro 6 Cycle staff PRIOR to attempting to enter the track. Any rider who fails to do so and causes un-do stress to the marshals and Pro 6 Cycle staff will forfeit the remainder of their event. It is imperative for the safety of yourself and others that we know who is on which bike on track at all times.
  • Any participant who switches or rides in a group he/she is not registered without first receiving approval from Pro 6 Cycle staff will forfeit their day, will be asked to leave for the day and will be given NO refund.
  • Only the rider registered for the event may participate in said event. Loaning your bike to a rider who is not registered for the event to go on track with result in a life time ban from Pro 6 Cycle Trackdays. 
7:15 a.m.

Registration opens - All pre-entered registrants must check in with our registration personnel to receive their wristbands and sign the waivers. At this time, safety inspection will also be open. Riders must report to safety inspection with their motorcycle after they have signed in.

Registration CLOSES AT 8:15am for the duration of the riders meeting. It will re-open afterwards. 

8:15 a.m. MANDATORY riders meeting will commence on the pit road. This meeting is intended to inform all participants of last minute changes to the day’s events as well as instruction on how it will affect them. The riders meeting will also include an overview of the flagging system used for the day’s activities. The flagging system is crucial to your safety as well as the safety of all others on the racetrack. It is for this reason that attendance at this meeting is MANDATORY. Any and all registrants who are not present at this meeting will NOT be allowed on the racetrack. Attendance may be taken.
9:00 a.m.

Track opens for riding. Sessions will be approximately 20 minutes in length. Riders in the RED group will be the first on the track. Grouping of riders will be done during registration as well as at tech inspection. The GREEN group’s first session of the day will be led by a Pro 6 Cycle instructor. Pro 6 Cycle reserves the right to change any rider’s allotted or chosen Group at any time, and place him/her in a more suitable one. Groups will be defined as follows:

RED This group will include only very experienced trackday riders and racers. Pro 6 Cycle staff MUST approve street riders wishing to join this group. Passing is allowed throughout the track in this group.
YELLOW This group will include riders that have had racetrack experience, are graduates of the GREEN group, and/or are comfortable at an increased speed (as compared to the GREEN group) Passing in this group is limited to straightaways, and exiting corners. There is no passing at apex.
GREEN This group will include riders that have never had racetrack experience and/or would feel more comfortable on the racetrack with a group that are expected to be riding at a slower pace. Passing in this group is limited to straightaways only.
1:00 p.m. The racetrack will be closed to all riders for lunch.
2:00 p.m. Racetrack re-opens for the afternoon session. The first group out in the afternoon session will be the group that follows the final group from the morning sessions. Pro 6 Cycle staff will attempt to combine groups or lengthen the sessions to suit the circumstances of any particular trackday. These changes to the schedule are purely at the discretion of the Pro 6 Cycle staff attending that particular trackday and any changes made may not apply to future trackdays.
5:00 p.m.

5:00 p.m. The racetrack will be closed to all riders.

To change your Rider level, please contact us at trackdays@pro6cycle.com

RED This group will include only very experienced trackday riders and racers. Pro 6 Cycle staff MUST approve street riders wishing to join this group. Passing is allowed throughout the track in this group.
YELLOW This group will include riders that have had racetrack experience, are graduates of the GREEN group, and/or are comfortable at an increased speed (as compared to the GREEN group) Passing in this group is limited to straightaways, and exiting corners. There is no passing at apex.
GREEN This group will include riders that have never had racetrack experience and/or would feel more comfortable on the racetrack with a group that are expected to be riding at a slower pace. Passing in this group is limited to straightaways only.

Bikes are NOT street legal and are only available for rent for trackday use at our trackdays.

Pro 6 Cycle has a limited number of Yamaha R6’s, Kawasaki ZX-6R, and 1 SV 650 available for rent at our events.

Basic rental machines have basic track prep: bodywork, clip-ons, rear-sets, and case covers. They also have a general suspension set-up for the rider’s weight. All of the basic fleet run Dunlop Sportmax Q3 tires and do not require tire warmers. 

Premium machines have slicks, quick shifter, upgraded suspension front and rear.

Rental is $250/day plus tax for the SV650

Rental is $300/day plus tax for basic R6 or ZX-6R rental

Rental is $400/day plus tax for premium R6 rental, or VIP event rental

  • Tire wear is included for green riders, and is pro-rated for yellow and red riders.
  • Fuel is not included. Premium grade fuel must be provided by the renter. The bike will have a full tank upon leaving Pro 6, and should come back with a full tank at the end of the rental period.
  • There is no insurance, but rather a 'fix-what-you-break' policy. The renter may be subject to depreciation charges as well as total value of the motorcycle in the event of serious damage.
  • A refundable deposit of $5000 is required the morning of the event
  • Renter must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Renter must sign and agree to all terms put forth my Pro 6 Cycle Inc. in the rental agreement which will be presented by Pro 6 Cycle Inc. prior to the motorcycle leaving the garage.

General Bike preparation when riding with Pro6.

  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition and have enough “meat” to get through the day. There will be on site Dunlop tire service at each trackday, allowing for the opportunity to install replacement tires to pass safety inspection.
  • All glass, headlights, taillights, turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. The head and tail lights must not visibly shine through the tape. It is recommended that head and tail light fuses be removed.
  • Side mirrors must be removed. Taping over of mirrors is not permitted. Mirrors with integrated turn signals are the only exception, and must be taped over.
  • We recommend, but do not require, removal of centre stands. It is highly recommended that side stands be removed from bikes older than model year 2000. Bikes with side stands should have strong springs to ensure that the kickstand cannot drop down accidentally.
  • All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  • All motorcycles MUST use water instead of antifreeze or glycol based coolant. Water Wetter or MoCool & Distilled water is recommended. This is non-negotiable and includes the liquid contained in the reservoir. Engine ice is not permitted.
  • Sprockets must be in good condition and chain wear must not be notable.
  • It is recommended that oil drain plugs and brake calliper mounting bolts are drilled and lock wired.
  • All on track video equipment (Go-Pro, Hero or other camera’s, Cell phones etc) must be approved at safety inspection. Have your camera secured to the bike how you intend to ride with it on track for safety inspection.

Private instruction is available upon request and can be coordinated and custom tailored to your specific needs.

Our Private Instruction is run in conjunction with our regular events and includes:

    • Private 1 on 1 coaching, or for private groups to a maximum of a 3:1 student to teacher ratio.
    • Available to all skill groups.
    • The rider will be provided with a coach for the day, or multiple days at their discretion.
    • Prices vary depending on instructor, and are in addition to any track fee’s (with the exception of the “new to track orientation” fee of $30, which will be waived for green riders paying for private instruction).

Please contact trackdays@pro6cycle.com to coordinate a particular event and instructor.

Also please contact us at least 14 days prior to the event you would like coaching for to allow for adequate time to coordinate with an instructor as they are not always on hand at every event.

      • 1:1 $750/day
      • 2:1 $500/day
      • 3:1 $375/day

Half day entry level coaching: Available most afternoons, 1:1 $250

Required for riders who are all-together new to trackdays, or just new to a particular circuit.

This is also available as an optional refresher for green riders returning to the circuit.

  • Rider is paired with an experienced rider, as a personal coach and on track instructor for the morning of the event (until lunch break).
  • 5:1 rider to coach ratio maximum.
  • Rider receives an in depth secondary riders meeting prior to entry on the circuit. At which time, the rider can ask questions, become familiarized with track layout and flags, and get acquainted with their coach and others in their group.
  • Riders are still required to attend the regular riders meeting with all other trackday participants.
  • The rider will be led in a lead-follow with the coach and other riders in their group for their first sessions on track throughout the morning within the green group.
  • Between sessions there will be a de-briefing with the coach to ask questions and guidance.

The regular trackday fees also apply.


1. Riders who currently hold, or have recently held, a PRO rad racing license for minimally 2 consecutive years in the following series: RACE, CSBK/PCSB, SOAR, AMA, WERA, CCS.

2. Riders who have extensive riding experience but limited or no racing experience and are able to provide written reference of on track riding ability from another Trackday organization. The reference will be reviewed and followed up with but does not necessarily guarantee the waiving of the orientation.

Pro 6 Cycle VIP events operate at select days during the season. Many elements are the same as our regular events except for a few special qualities:

  • VIP events are run open track; there are not 3 groups. All riders are free to come and go on the track as they please. We do break 1 hour for lunch as well as two fifteen minute marshal breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • VIP events are restricted to experienced Pro 6 Cycle trackday clients. Our general rule of thumb is that we need to know you. This means that you have done enough events with us that we know your name, how you ride, and that you are a safe and skilled enough rider to blend into the day. Riders who do not meet these criteria are still welcome to contact us if they wish to participate but must provide a reference from other reputable organizations.
  • Riders must also be experienced “Red” or “Yellow” group riders and must meet or ride below a certain lap time which will be deemed appropriate by Pro 6 Cycle staff. Please include an average lap time at the track in which you are requesting to participate at within your email request.
  • Riders must have ridden a minimum 5 trackdays at the specific track in which they wish to participate in the VIP, in addition to the above criteria.

Trackside emergency medical service and marshaling are also included.

Trackside tire service by Pro 6 Cycle, suspension service by Propulsion Racing, and any other trackside special event service provided by Pro 6 Cycle and its partners are also available to the client.


Please contact Sheena via trackdays@pro6cycle.com to submit a request to join us at our VIP Events.

  • Pro 6 Cycle Inc. Trackdays are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All prices shown are subject to 13% HST.
  • All prices listed are for pre-entry only.
  • Pro 6 Cycle Inc. requires payment in full at time of registration.
  • Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Pre-entry closes ONE WEEK prior to the event.
  • A $30 fee will be added after pre-entry closes up to 48 hours prior to the event.
  • A $50 fee will be added less than 48 hours before the event, and trackside.
  • Registrations received less than 1 week prior to the event are considered track-side registrations.
  • Cancellation requests must be received in writing (emailed to trackdays@pro6cycle.com) at least 14 days prior to the event you wish to cancel.
  • Cancellation emails sent to info@pro6cycle.com will be time stamped for when then are received by trackdays@pro6cycle.com and may result in your request not being received. Info@ goes to the shop in Toronto. Trackdays goes directly to Sheena’s mobile.
  • Please do not rely on the shop to relay your message to the trackday staff.
  • In the event a rider must cancel a trackday, and provides sufficient notice, Pro 6 Cycle Inc. will issue the rider a 100% credit equal to the amount paid for the event, applicable toward any future Pro 6 Cycle Inc. event occurring within 1 year of the date the cancellation is processed.
  • Cancellations received less than 14 days prior to the event are contingent upon the rider’s spot being replaced BY PRO 6 CYCLE INC. Your riding group must be at capacity in order for this to apply. If your spot is replaced, you will receive a 50% credit toward another event occurring within the same riding season. You must contact Pro 6 Cycle Inc. in writing.
  • Riders sent “to replace you” will not be accepted and you will not be credited.
  • Cancellation requests received less than 48 hours prior to the event are not eligible for any credit, and will result in forfeit of payment.
  • Credits will be issued solely at the discretion of Pro 6 Cycle Inc. staff.
  • There will be no cash refund.
  • Pro 6 Cycle Inc. Trackdays run RAIN or SHINE. Since 1995, we have only rescheduled an event due to inclement weather ONCE (which was due to the track being generous and crediting us another day). We even rode in the snow in Tremblant in 2007!
  • Not comfortable riding in the rain? No problem, you don’t have to. However, refunds/credits/schedule changes will not be accepted due to “it’s going to rain, so...”
  • For those strictly sunny day riders, we recommend not booking your events until you are comfortable with the forecast. This generally results in paying the $30 or $50 post reg fee, which we kindly refer to as weather insurance.
  • In the event a trackday is cancelled on behalf of Pro 6 Cycle Inc. due to sever prior to 12pm on the day of the event and no riding has taken place, a credit toward a make-up event or future event will be issued to all riders IN ATTENDANCE at the cancelled event.
  • If you do not show up, sign in, attend riders meeting, and/or leave the track prior to the event being cancelled, you forfeit payment for said event.