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SALE - 1 KR448 Slick Front + 2 KR451 Slick Rear

1 x KR448 120/70R17 (0129)
2 x KR451 
200/55R17 (0455)

Front / Rear: Rear
Tire Size: 190/60ZR17
Load/Speed Index: (78W)
Recommended Rim 5.5" - 6"
Overall Diameter: 25.87
Overall Width: 7.48
Compound: 7455
Weight 11

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Pricing includes mandatory RPRA Tax required by the manufacturer.

Bundle Includes:

1 x KR448 120/70R17 (0129)
2 x KR451 200/55R17 (0455)

• Triple compound; super grip on the sides, cool running center
• Zero growth; no need for major ride height changes
• Low pressure; for maximum contact patch

Recommended Rim range (3.50-3.75)
Width (117mm), Diameter (608mm)

Recommended Rim range (5.50-6.25), Best Rim (6.00)
Width (194mm), Diameter (671mm)

No Warranty on race tires.
Road race tires and dirt track tires will not be shipped to the USA. All US residents must purchase tires through RTS, the US Dunlop race tire distributor.