Sportmax Q5 Rear - 150/60ZR17

The Dunlop Sportmax Q5 is designed to increase the depth of the Sportmax family lineup to accommodate track-day-level riding like no other Dunlop DOT street tire has before, with even greater overall performance and grip than the Q4.

Front / Rear: Rear
Tire Size: 150/60ZR17
Sidewall: BW
Load/Speed Index: (66W)
Recommended Rim 4.25"
Overall Diameter: 617.982mm
Overall Width: 145.034mm
Full Tread Depth: 6/32
Max Load (lbs) @ PSI: 661 @ 42

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  • Made in Dunlop’s Buffalo, New York, plant on the same proprietary equipment as Dunlop racing products.
  • Sharply defined new tread pattern with lower groove density puts more rubber on the ground at all lean angles.
  • New taller profile with improved corner entry and high-speed stability at full lean.
  • Both front and rear tires utilize Dunlop’s proprietary Racing Type Fine Carbon Technology in the tread compound.
  • Performs better in the wet, warms up quicker, does not require tire warmers, and is engineered to run on the track at close to street pressures.
  • Dunlop has also expanded the size range of the Q5 to include five additional sizes for increased bike fitments: 110/70ZR17, 140/70ZR17, 150/60ZR17, 160/60ZR17, and 200/60ZR17.
  • The Sportmax Q5 is DOT-approved for street-legal use.

No Warranty on race tires.
Road race tires and dirt track tires will not be shipped to the USA. All US residents must purchase tires through RTS, the US Dunlop race tire distributor.