Dyno Tuning

Pro 6 Cycle offers expert dyno tuning services for both fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles with our modern Dynojet 250i/WinPep8 Dynamometer. Our expert staff will tune your motorcycle for the optimal performance and air/fuel ratio at all possible throttle settings, ranging from 2% to 100%.  Whether you ride a supermoto, sport bike, track bike, fully built race bike, or a mild to wild American or metric cruiser, our professionally trained staff can build a custom tune for your bike and help it run better and stronger.

  • We are fully versed in the following tuning products:
  • Dynojet Powercommander
  • Dynojet PowerVision
  • Bazzaz
  • Woolich Racing ECU tuning centre
  • Rapid Bike
  • BMW HP Racing kit software
  • Yoshimura Suzuki and Kawasaki EMPRO race kit software
  • Yamaha YEC race kit software
  • Honda HRC race kit software

Our dyno tuning rates differ depending on the tuning product used, please contact the shop for details.