Cost: $30.00

* Required for riders who are all-together new to trackdays, or just new to a particular circuit. *

This is also available as an optional refresher for green riders returning to the circuit.

  • Rider is paired with an experienced rider, as a personal coach and on track instructor for the morning of the event (until lunch break).
  • 5:1 rider to coach ratio maximum.
  • Rider receives an in depth secondary riders meeting prior to entry on the circuit. At which time, the rider can ask questions, become familiarized with track layout and flags, and get acquainted with their coach and others in their group.
  • Riders are still required to attend the regular riders meeting with all other trackday participants.
  • The rider will be led in a lead-follow with the coach and other riders in their group for their first sessions on track throughout the morning within the green group.
  • Between sessions there will be a de-briefing with the coach to ask questions and guidance.

The regular trackday fees also apply.

  1. Riders who currently hold, or have recently held, a PRO rad racing license for minimally 2 consecutive years in the following series: RACE, CSBK/PCSB, SOAR, AMA, WERA, CCS.
  2. Riders who have extensive riding experience but limited or no racing experience and are able to provide written reference of on track riding ability from another Trackday organization. The reference will be reviewed and followed up with but does not necessarily guarantee the waiving of the orientation.


Pro 6 Cycle is the exclusive provider of motorcycle trackdays at Calabogie for 2010-2014.
Events also held at Mosport and Shannonville.

Dunlop Tires

Pro 6 Cycle is the exclusive distributor of Dunlop Motorcycle Race Tires in Canada. Available at all RACE and SOAR events, our shop and our trackdays.


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Pro 6 Cycle specializes in servicing late model sportbikes of all makes.

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