1. Set temperatures for warmers to 75OC (167OF) or MEDIUM or ON depending on style of warmers. Set front and rear tires for 45 min - 1 hour.
  2. Set the hot starting pressure immediately before going out on the track (refer to chart on reverse). Ensure you are looking at the appropriate model of tire.
  3. If the bike returns to the pits and is then going straight out on the track, DO NOT reset the pressures to the starting pressure.
  4. If the bike is going to sit in the pits between sessions;
    1. Put the warmers on and leave them unplugged.
    2. 20-30 min before before your session, plug them in.
    You should re-adjust your hot pressures before leaving the pits if more than 45 minutes has elapsed between track exit and track entry.
  5. If the bike is going to sit more than 2 hours, start back at #1 above before the next session.
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